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Vancouver, Washington - Urban Growth Area

Vancouver (194,600 - 2021 est.) is currently the fourth largest city in the State of Washington.  In the coming years, Vancouver is on track to eclipse both Tacoma  (219,346) and Spokane (228,989) to become the states second largest city.  Vancouver's urban growth area has a current population over 140,000.  With the addition of it's urban growth suburbs, Vancouver would have a city population of over 330,000 residents while encompassing an area of over 92 sq. miles.


Vancouver - Urban Growth Area Map

Vancouver - Urban Growth Map.jpg
Walnut Grove
The Urban Growth Map is pre 2017.  Much of the Walnut Grove area was incorporated into the city with the North Van Mall Annexation on August 1, 2017, adding 5,528 residences and approximately two square miles to the city.  

Vancouver - City Limits with Suburbs

Mount Vista

Recent Projects - Click on the star         for current project status
Vancouver Suburbs - Click on the suburb name for more information
Vancouver with its Urban growth area has a population of over 350,000.  With its suburbs Vancouver would have approximately the same population of Honolulu, Hawaii - the 55th largest city in America.
With its suburbs Vancouver's land area would be over 90 sq. miles.

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