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Fletcher - Davidson Family Genealogy Project

Teach Civics
MAGA - Make America Germany  Around 1938 - s
Hayden and Carter - 6th Grade
Corrin - 9th Grade - September 6, 2022
Greg with Carter and Hayden
Margaret Marie McKay
Karen with parents - Circa 1970
Barry Jay Davidson (1948-2022)
Lynn Merlin Davidson
Steve - Wapti Bowman

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The Fletcher Branch - We have traced our Fletcher branch back to the Pickering area of North Yorkshire, England. Our line is descended from John and Hannah Fletcher (1771). Their son Stephen was born (1807) in the village of Thornton-le-Dale (Thornton Dale) located currently in the County of North Yorkshire, Yorkshire, England. In 1831, Stephen (at age 25 years) and his parents (John and Hannah each 60 years of age) left from Hull, a port city in Yorkshire, and sailed to America on the Brig Freake, arriving in New York City on the 9th of June 1831. Stephen continued his migration to Port Burwell in Ontario, Canada, where he met and married Clairne Saxton, the oldest daughter of Lt. Colonel Willam Saxton and Margaret (Peggy) Edison.


Fletcher Branch Surnames -  BARKER - BERGER - FLETCHER - MCKAY - - - Ackerman - Baldwin - Bolin - Bridges - Brydges - Carroll - Coffey - Crane - Edison -Haines - Jones - McDonald - Martin - Moser - Ogden - Purdy - Rasmussen - Robinett - Roosevelt - Saxton - Snyder - Summer - Smith - Treat - Ulrich - Ward - Yates

ll Saints Church - Thorton Le Dale, York

All Saints Church - Thorton Le Dale, Yorkshire, England

(Stephen Fletcher (1807-1875)

 was baptized here on the 21st of January 1807)

Davidson College - Davidson, North Carol

Davidson College - Davidson, North Carolina, USA

Named for our great grandfather

William Lee Davison (1746-1781)

The Davidson Branch -  Through DNA testing we have traced our Davidson branch back to colonial North Carolina.  Our branch is directly decended from Brigadier-General  William Lee Davidson (1746-1781), the youngest general to serve in the American War for Independence (1776-1783). He commanded a regiment of North Carolina militia, and was killed at the age of thirty-four in the battle of Cowan’s Ford on the Catawba River in North Carolina. A town, a college, several schools, and counties (in North Carolina and Tennessee) have been named in his honor.

Davidson Branch Surnames - DAVIDSON - FRENCH - JOHNSON - ODERFIELD - - - Baker - Brevard - Brooks -  Campbell - Clark - Dill - Ewing - Gillespie -  Kirkendall - Lott - McClure - McKnitt - McWorter - Packer - Porter - Raynor - Thompson - Ware - Warren - White

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