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Family DNA Projects

Currently we are associated with three DNA projects at Family Tree DNA:


Davidson / Davison / Davisson Research:  Group Project

For Davidson Project Results and Analysis click here.

Family Member - Barry Jay Davidson - 67 Markers - April 2012


Through our DNA kit results (236703) we have been placed in family group 001; families related to Gen. William Lee Davidson that came from Ireland in the early 1700s.


The three known families are those of George (Davison) Davidson (our great grandfather(5)) who came to America and lived in Pennsylvania until about 1750 when he moved to what is now Iredell County, North Carolina. He was the father of Gen. William Lee Davidson.1  


The second of these families was the family of George's brother "Importation" John (Davison) Davidson (our great-uncle(5)). He came to America about 1737 and settled in Beverly Manor in Augusta County, Virginia. He relocated to Iredell area about 1748 and died shortly afterwards. He was the father of Maj. William Davidson.

Third was the family of Samuel (Davison) Davidson. Samuel also lived in Beverly Manor and later settled in South Carolina. His son Benjamin was the first anglo settler in what is now Transylvania County, North Carolina. His son Col. William Davidson settled initially in Buncombe County, North Carolina but relocated to Morgan County, Tennessee. DNA evidence confirmed the relationship of Samuel to John and George; however the exact relationship is still unknown but it is suspected that they were brothers.


1  Family 1 - Ireland>Pennsylvania>Virginia>North Carolina (R1b1a2a1a1b3) Family Coordinator:  John Lisle


Fletcher Research:  Group Project

For Fletcher Project Results and Analysis click -  Kit No. 235230 - Haplogroup R-M269 - Stephen Richard Fletcher III  here.

Fletcher DNA Project - Y-DNA Classic Chart - Kit No. 235230 - Haplogroup R-M269 - England click here.

Family Member - Stephen Richard Fletcher - 67 Markers - March 2012


MacKay / McKay / McCoy Research:  Group Project

For McKay Project Results and Analysis click here.

Family Member - McKay - 67 Markers - Scheduled for Winter 2021

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