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 Fletcher Family - Migration

17th Century Brig.gif

The 17th Century Brig pictured above is much like the (two square-rigged masts) British Brig Freake that Stephen Fletcher and his parents (John and Hannah) boarded at the Port of Hull, England in 1831.  A typical crossing of the Atlantic would take about six weeks.  The Fletcher family arrived at the port of New York on the 9th of June 1831.  Over the next two years, Stephen continued his migration  arriving at Port Burwell, Canada where he met and Married Clairne Saxton, the oldest daughter of Colonel William Saxton and Margaret (Peggy) Edison, settling in the Strathroy-Caradoc area.

Descendants of

William Fletcher 1710

Yorkshire, England

Fletcher - Branch Genealogy

Scarborough Fair-Canticle - Simon & Garfunkle
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The Port of Hull, England in the 1800’s

Map - Fletcher Migration.gif
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