Robnett Photos - Ancestors and Relatives

Family Statistics:

Joseph Robnett

Birth:  1783 - Big Sandy, Monongalia,

            Virginia, USA

Death:  1835 - Boone County,

              Missouri, USA

Cemetery:  Unknown

Nancy Barker

Birth:  1787 - Buffalo Creek, Estill

            County, Kentucky, USA

Death:  1864 - Cottage Grove, Lane

              County, Oregon, USA

Cemetery:  Union, Crawfordsville,

                    Linn County, Oregon, USA

Married:  1806, Bourbon County,

                 Kentucky, USA


     Stephen Robnett

     John Robnett

     Lucinda Robnett

     William Robnett

     Albert Robinett

     Pleasant Robnett

     Joseph Robnett

     Samuel Robnett

     James Robnett

Photo Albums

Barker Photo Album.gif


Genealogical Line

 “Those who do not look upon themselves as a link connecting the past with the future do not perform their duty to the world”  - Daniel Webster
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