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Trumpism:  "An anti-establishment blend of economic populism, reactionary nationalism, and strong militarism summed up in Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” Due to bigoted statements Trump had made and the viewpoints of some of his base, Trumpism is sometimes associated with white supremacy."

Plane with 5 passengers on board:  Trump, Boris Johnson, The Pope, Angela Merkel and a 10 year old school boy.  Only 4 parachutes and the plane is about to crash.  Trump says I need one.  I'm the smartest man in the USA and need to solve the problems of the world.  Takes one and jumps.  Boris says I'm needed to sort out Britain, takes one and jumps. The Pope says I need one, the world needs the Catholic Church, takes one and jumps.  Merkel looks at the boy and says You can have the last parachute.  I've lived my life and yours is only just starting.  The boy says Don't worry, there are two parachutes left.  The smartest man in the USA took my school backpack.
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