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Famous Ancestors & Relatives

Famous Ancestors

William Lee


William Lee Davidson - Cowan's Ford.jpg

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Brigadier-General (American Revolutionary Army) William Lee Davidson commanded a regiment of North Carolina militia during the American Revolution. He was killed at the age of thirty-four in the battle of Cowan's Ford on the Catawba River in North Carolina.




Famous Relatives

William Lee

Davidson Ewing

William Lee Davison Ewing.jpg

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Within a period of 25 years, William Lee Davidson Ewing, was Lt. Governor, Governor, U.S. Senator, State Senator, State Representative, Speaker of the House and President pro tem of the Illinois Senate, Clerk of the House, an Indian Agent, State Auditor, a soldier, and a lawyer.



First Cousin

Henry Brevard


Henry Brevard Davidson.png

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Brigadier- General (Confederate States Army) Henry Brevard Davidson commanded brigades of Cavalry in the western theater (primarily in Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia.



Fourth Cousin

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