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William Lee Davidson Ewing

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William Lee Davidson Ewing

Our great-grandfather(4) William Lee Davidson was the grandfather of William Lee Davidson Ewing.  William Lee Davidson Ewing studied law, and was admitted to the Illinois Bar.  He became receiver of public moneys for the district of Vandalia in 1825, and in 1826-27 he was the U.S. Surveyor of public lands and Brigadier General of the State Militia.  He was a Colonel of the "Spy Battalion" in the Black Hawk War in 1832, served as Lieutenant Governor of Illinois, 1833-34, Governor of Illinois, 1834, U.S. Senator from Illinois, 1835-37, and he defeated Abraham Lincoln for speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives in 1838.  William Lee Davidson Ewing once referred to Abraham Lincoln as a “course and vulgar fellow.”  He was appointed Illinois State Auditor of Public Accounts, and died in office 1846.  Many believe that he is buried at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois.  Oak Ridge Cemetery is also the burial place of Abraham Lincoln.

William Lee Davidson Ewing is our First Cousin 4 Removed

Relationship Chart - William Lee Davison
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